I Listen to Spirit - Connect with Your Inner Guides and Soul Intentions - by Minda Bernstein - Channeling Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels

Minda Bernstein, Channel, Professional ListenerSM,
Certified Life Coach, Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach


I am Minda Bernstein, a channel.

What is a channel? Someone who can tune in to intuitive guidance. In other words, I connect with Spirit to receive the wisdom your inner guides and angels are waiting to give you.

With channeling, I can help you answer down-to-earth, practical questions that you're struggling with in your daily life. I use channeling, listening and coaching to help you gain perspective, to make decisions, take actions and get the results you long for.

To learn more, look through this site. I especially invite you to enjoy the beautiful, channeled I Listen to Spirit Blog.

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As a welcome gift you will also receive a special channeling, "The Guides Speak On: How to be Happy"
As a welcome, you will also get a special channeling called, "The Guides Speak on How to be Happy."

Yours with love in Spirit,

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